Here’s how…

An inclusive, intellectually curious community that actively engages with ideas and people.

Seattle Public Theater produces compelling and socially relevant theater to spark conversation and ignite empathy. 

We also care about your theater experience.

At Seattle Public Theater we believe the theatre is a meeting space where we can present and discuss any subject.

It is often the unexpected moments & shared experience that enable & encourage the conversation following the performance. We also believe it is our duty to inform audiences of material that may be triggering. If you are interested in seeing a play’s trigger warnings you may click through below or ask the Box Office Manager when you pick up your tickets.

Theater changes lives, hearts, and minds, though it is not always tasked with doing so. To be a part of a live theater audience is an opportunity to share in growth, entertainment, and sometimes metamorphosis, together.

We want to honor this experience, while respecting individual needs.

If you have further needs, please, do not hesitate to reach out to our team: communications@seattlepublictheater.org.