coming this holiday season:



Written by Maggie Lee
Directed by Amy Poisson

With all the stress of the holidays, spending Christmas Eve stranded in an airport with a bunch of strangers is the last thing anyone needs! With endless delays, kids shuttling between stepfamilies, a rogue cat on the loose, an important business deal at stake, and missing your grandson’s first Christmas morning, the holiday spirit can disappear quicker than your lost luggage. But sometimes, all you need is to be a little late in order to truly appreciate what you’re rushing toward. The Flight Before Xmas is a heartwarming new holiday show about finding your way home and the family we discover for ourselves.

December 1 – 24, 2017

70 minutes (no intermission)

Owen - Diego Cruz
Frances - Lauren Hwang
Maya - Kaiya Crothall
Harrison - Hersh Powers
Nicole - Jenn Ruzumna
Ben - Tadd Morgan
Lizzie - Lydia Hayes
Eleanor - Elora Coble
Gemma - Nava Ruthfield
Penny - Skye Stephenson
Margo - Kiki Abba
Douglas - Manny Cawaling
Laurel - Marisol Gonzalez
Amanda - Tessa Weinland
Rosemary - Deniece Bleha

Director - Amy Poisson
Scenic/Props Designer - Milo Robinson
Lighting Designer - Ahren Buhmann
Sound Designer - Johanna Melamed
Costume Designer - Jocelyne Fowler
Stage Manager - Natalie Berg