Trix of Light (Grades 5-8)

Trix of Light (Grades 5-8)

250.00 300.00

By Jennifer Dice
Directed by Steven Sterne
Grades: 5-8

Tuition: $300

Trixie Woodstein is an ace reporter for The Light - a journal of paranormal activity. She's traveled the world to uncover the secrets of ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and mysterious monsters of every description. She's back home to enjoy a well-earned sabbatical, until her hard-boiled editor sends her on an emergency assignment to the swankiest mansion in midtown. There she meets the heiress Velma Vanderhooven, who has fallen under the spell of a stranger who apparently channels the ghost of Pharaoh Ramses III! Uncanny events and intriguing characters follow thick and fast. There's an Egyptologist who may or may not be cursed, a stage magician who packs more than tricks, and a psychic whose visions spell doom for Trixie and her pals. Join us for a week in the glamorous world of 1920's New York City, and help stage this new comedy/adventure that will amaze and astound!

Location: Bathhouse Theater

August 27-August 31, 2018

Sharing Performance on Friday, August 31 at 4:00pm.

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