Seattle Public partners with Holocaust for Humanity!


This fall, Seattle Public Theater is proud to be presenting Dark Road by Laura Lundgren Smith. A mature, intimate drama set in Nazi Germany, Dark Road follows twin sisters in their journey to live with dignity despite the terrors of the war, and explores the sacrifices made to their humanity.

In the current political climate we find ourselves and our communities faced with the monstrosities of hatred, ignorance, and fear. How do we acknowledge our human instinct to thrive within our society and yet resist complicity in the bigotry of the status quo? How do these social circumstances affect the worldview of children and teenagers? At Seattle Public Theater we believe that engaging youth in politics and history through the lens of theater will create more empathetic and thoughtful adults, and prepare them to interact with the deeper issues challenging our country today.

Seattle Public Theater is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle. Through this partnership our students will attend an immersive, guided tour with an education specialist at the museum. The second portion of the day will be a chance to listen to the life story and ask questions of a first or second generation holocaust survivor.  Giving our students the opportunity to interact with the content in a visceral way, to speak with a human being instead of reading statistics in a text book, is essential to understanding that this history lives and breathes even today.

There's still time to sign up for Dark Road--visit our registration page for more information!

Julia Nardin