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Flesh and Blood
by William Shakespeare; adapted by Shana Bestock
directed by Keiko Green

Moor. Jew. A pound of flesh. Blood, blood, blood. Shakespeare’s language is visceral, his characters deeply complex. With scenes from Othello and The Merchant of Venice, actors dig deep into issues of identity, otherness, and society. In what ways do these characters relate to us, to our 21st century present? What drives the intensity of the emotions at stake? This unique mash-up of two great scripts gives us the freedom to find multiple answers to Shakespeare’s hard questions, while giving actors of all race and gender an opportunity to play such iconic characters as Othello, Iago, and Shylock.

Ensemble features actors grades 6 – 9.
Saturday, December 3, 2pm
Sunday, December 4, 7pm

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