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If That’s Your Wish

A play adapted by Joelle Sherman & Tara Kaine. Based on the book Five Children and It by E. Nesbit. Directed by Duncan Frost

Nesbit’s classic story  uploads perfectly into our present day instant wish world where everything is now and new, with 1 hour shipping. Bored out of their minds, 5 siblings on vacation are about to implode on each other when they stumble across a cantankerous……creature. It is scruffy, mean, and weird, but it grants wishes. Perfect, right? The siblings are about to discover that everything they ever wished for was nothing they ever wanted. An epic adventure across real and imagined worlds, filled with wild and unstable characters on the edge of big discoveries!

Performances: Friday, January 13th at 7:00pm. Saturday, January 14th at 2:00pm & 7:00pm. Sunday, January 15th at 2:00pm.

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All in the Timing

By David Ives. Directed by Tina Polzin

Will two strangers ever manage to get their first date right? What are the mysteries of the Unamunda language? And can three monkeys on typewriters eventually write Hamlet? Find out, in this winning collection of hilarious linked short plays. From the author of The Liar (coming soon to the SPT Mainstage), comes theater about the very funny ways words can both help and hurt us.

Performance: Saturday, February 18th at 2pm. Sunday, February 19th at 7pm.

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The Winter’s Tale 

by William Shakespeare Directed by Keiko Green & MJ Sieber

Exit, pursued by bear. Shakespeare’s play of mystery, passion, jealousy, and love. Suspecting his queen of infidelity with his best friend, a jealous king intends to execute her and abandon their newborn child, but the child is saved by the appearance of the bear, and reemerges years later as a free-spirited young woman. Full of clowns, commoners, nobility, righteous anger, and true love — and, of course, a bear.

Performances: Friday, March 3rd at 7pm. Saturday, March 4th at 2pm. Sunday, March 5th at 2pm & 7pm.

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The Nut-Brown Girl

by Gillian Jorgensen Directed by Sara Porkalob

Cathy’s dying grandmother has transformed into a cat, but no one has noticed. Do the secret seashell messages and the pirates have anything to do with it? Who, exactly, is the Nut-Brown Girl, and is any of it real? Trapped between the ordinary and the terrible, Cathy just might need a little magic to guide her.

Performances: Friday, March 10th at 7pm. Saturday March 11th at 2pm & 7pm. Sunday, March 12th at 2pm.

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The Mobius Conundrum

by Jennifer Dice Directed by Steven Sterne

The astroliner Mobius II is heading back to Earth from deep space, when the crew receives a distress call from an uncharted planet. This simple event kicks off an adventure that spans both space and time. You’ll meet a science office with a deep dark secret, a time tourist who’s lost a very important piece of baggage, and a detective whose investigation is hanging by a cosmic thread. From the author of The Criminal Element, this new science/comedy/adventure will boldly go where no production has gone before! 

Performances: Saturday, March 11th at 12pm. Sunday, March 12th at 12pm.

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