Meet the Teaching Artists

Kelly Kitchens Interim Artistic Director

Recent works: Arcadia, Bluebeard's Wife, Measure for Measure

Kelly is thrilled and honored to be the Interim Artistic Director of Seattle Public Theater. Kelly is a professional actor, director, and teaching artist who has been living and working in Seattle since 1997. During this time, she has worked with Book- It Repertory Theater, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Opera, Seattle Shakespeare Company and many more. Read More
Steven Sterne Teaching Artist

Recent classes: King Corn, Open Carry, The Spear Carriers

Steven began working as a Teaching Artist at Seattle Public in Fall 2012. His classes at Seattle Public Theater have included The Secret History of Nikola Tesla, Open Carry and The Criminal Element, among many others. He enjoys photography, hiking and selling office supplies. He is on the Board for Seattle Public Theater. Read More
Jennifer Dice Playwright

Recent classes: Maria Morevna, The Criminal Element, It's a Swamp Thing!

Jennifer Dice, playwright and stage manager has a BFA in printmaking from the University of Washington and has written more than 15 short plays for young actors as the playwright in residence for the Greenwood Elementary Drama Club, from 2004 through Spring 2012. Read More
Emily Purington Teaching Artist

Recent works: Boathouse, Adventure Radio Theater, Hamlet

Emily Purington has worked professionally around Seattle as a director, teaching artist, performer and producer, and she is a member of the Bathhouse Ensemble. She is thrilled to be working in the program that helped artistically raise and shape her it was SPT's inaugural Youth Production of The Tempest in 2001 that began her journey at this beautiful theater on the Lake. Read More